Tailored BMS Solutions - enteliWEB

enteliWEB is a web-based, native BACnet® application that combines the power of enterprise dashboards with easy-to-use facility management tools. Customizable energy management dashboards and powerful energy reports give managers the tools to reduce consumption and lower costs. Task-driven alarm management and system dashboards allow operators to quickly visualize and prioritize their work, keeping the facility running comfortably and efficiently.


With enteliWEB, alarm management is made simple with intelligent visualizations and automatic presentation of trends and related items. It organizes and structures the alarm system allowing operators to

manage alarms from multiple sites more easily.


  • Alarm management is simplified with filtering and management features.

  • E-mail notification may be set up based on a customizable filter. Multiple email notification rules may also be setup on a per user basis.

  • Acknowledge multiple alarms and set parameters on multiple alarms at the same time.


A single consolidated log is available in enteliWEB to record operator actions, alarm transitions and device offline records.

  • Operators may troubleshoot by cross-referencing log entries from different parts of the system in a single view.

  • A timeline chart allows operators to visualize multiple log entries.

  • Operators can search through records quickly or use the Advanced Filter to find specific log entries.


Event scheduling in enteliWEB allows occupancy to be associated with specific date ranges or recurrences.


  • Special events or room rentals can be scheduled as one-time-only events.

  • Event descriptions i.e. “Yoga Class” are displayed on the event time block.

  • Colors distinguish between weekly schedules, ON events and OFF events.

  • Date ranges, recurring dates and recurring week and day events are supported.


enteliWEB visualization tools provide multiple methods of compiling and conveying the same data, so that individualized company styles and task assignments can be easily accommodated.

  • enteliVIZ allows you to create intelligent visualizations and equipment graphics in your web browser.

  • enteliWEB is backwards compatible - simply transfer your ORCAweb graphics to enteliWEB and you’re up and running, saving you money.

  • Graphics are fast and fluid making for a better user experience.